DP Induction (Basic) Course (Accredited by Nautical Institute UK)

This is the first phase of certification process stipulated by the Nautical Institute (UK). The International Marine Contractor Association (IMCA) has acknowledged. The Nautical Institute (UK) certification requirement as an industry standard and also recognized by IMO.

  • Impart knowledge of Dynamic Positioning (DP), inter-alia, the related practical use of DP and the systems limitations.
  • Adequate training on operation of DP Systems, PRS and the recognition of alarms and warnings.
  • The importance of position reference systems, their limitations and other DP related control systems including PMS.
  • The effect of wind, sea, current, tides and vessels movement relative to DP operations (Capability plots and footprints).
  • Participants will gain knowledge as to the working of offshore Industry and the type of vessels involved with offshore industry & use of DP systems on offshore vessels.
  • The participants will further learn the operational procedures, Rules and Regulations that are required by offshore Industry on DP Vessels.
Course content:
  • Definition of DP, DP systems and redundancy.
  • The types of DP vessels and the operations carried out by them.
  • The usefulness and limitation of DP Systems.
  • The consequence and capability analysis.
  • Procedures for operating DP Systems.
  • Navigators with general knowledge of vessel manuvaring
  • DP operators and other users of DP systems.
Course duration:
  • 5 Days (Monday – Friday)
Batch intake :
  • Max 6 / Min 2 delegates