DP Knowledge for Technical Staff Course Part B Conducted by OEM (Kongsberg Maritime India)

  • Hands on training on actual Kongsberg Maritime Equipment.
  • Understanding DP related Alarm signals.
  • Fault finding of the KM - DP equipment (K-Pos).
  • Understand how to perform correct periodic maintenance.
  • Learn to communicate with Kongsberg Maritime service personnel when assistance is needed.
  • Understand how to identify and exchange faulty units, with spares from on-board stock, to bring the K-Pos system back into operation.
  • Describe single/dual/triple OS and DPC configuration.
  • Awareness of latest and previous generations of MPxxxx computers, and RCU.
  • Identify the location of the power fuses in DPC.
  • Practical experience of matching vessel specific engineering documentation,with actual RIO Modules in DPC – (Cable details & IO termination).
  • 3 days
Batch intake:
  • 6 candidates