Marine Training

Marine Training::

Below is a complete list of all our current training courses









Oil & Gas Trainig

Oil & Gas Training::

AMMA will be shortly commencing Oil & Gas courses and has tied up with many industry experts.
We have an in-house capability to design specific training modules to suit client requirements.

Onboard Training

Onboard Training::

Our onboard Training Service is a new opportunity for you to build crew competence more cost effectively. By using the ship itself and the equipment as training tools will give the participants more knowledge about the ship and equipment they are operating.

Whether it be Teamwork, Leadership, Human Factor, or related subjects, we always develop our courses according to each shipowner’s / managers specific requirements. Our courses also take into consideration such factors as different nationalities of the crew, shore personnel and their cultures, types of vessels and their destinations.

Our certified instructors are both competent teachers and highly trained technical specialists with years of industry-experience. They are capable of handling various tasks ranging from basic
safety training to mental evaluation and competency assessment of personnel.

E-Learning Assessment Programs

E-Learning Assessment Programs::

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a review of training needs for crew on your ships. It considers the skills and knowledge that the crew needs, and how to develop them effectively.

Methods that can be used to identify training needs for your officers are:

- Analysis of existing rules & regulations, safety management system and plan how to identify what skills are needed. - Questionnaires – paper based or online - One-to-one interviews - The officers self-evaluation - Evaluation by the superior

AMMA in collaboration with Ashbit Software Product has developed a CBT for bridging the skill gaps.The CBT has been developed on DNV standards. The unique features of this CBT is apart from assessing a crew’s competency we also recommend the actions required to close the gap.

Are you in nMeed to assess your crew? Contact us and let us help you!!!

Setup, Operation & Management (SOP) of Training Centres

Setup, Operation & Management (SOP) of Training Centres::

AMMA has participated in many interesting missions and most exciting projects. AMMA has been consulted in connection with launching of simulator centres in Indonesia,
India, South Africa.
The aim of AMMA is to be active in several projects which are useful for the training and improve safety.

AMMA has the coverage and capacity to deliver and manage projects throughout the world. Our service offering is customised to meet each client’s individual and exact needs – as well as local standards and regulations.

Instructor Training

Instructor Training::

AMMA has a long experience of training and simulation worldwide and we know what is required of good instructors. We can offer you instructor training which suits your training demands.

Audit & Survey

Audit & Survey::

There is an ongoing statutory requirement for surveys and audits of all vessels. Whether you require operational evaluation and improvement recommendations ahead of a flag state survey or industry audit, or a range of associated support systems, we are well placed to assist you.

Our team have completed various surveys, audits and inspections, so they really are the best people to ensure that your vessels are operating safely, efficiently and within the regulations.